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Gregor is a world-renowned professional handler, successful trainer, breeder and owner of show dogs.

A dog show handler plays a crucial role in presenting dogs to judges and contributing to the competitive world of conformation events. Gregor possesses the expertise, professionalism, and ability to bring out the best in each dog contribute to the success of both the handler and the dog in the show ring.

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As a dog show handler Gregor is a professional responsible for presenting purebred dogs to judges in conformation events, also known as dog shows. His primary role is to showcase a dog’s breed-specific characteristics and adherence to the breed standard set by kennel clubs or breed organizations. Here are some key aspects of the profession:

Knowledge of Breeds

A dog show handler must have extensive knowledge about various dog breeds, including their standards, traits, and specific grooming requirements. This knowledge helps them present each dog in its best possible light.

Training and Grooming

Here at G Solutions we are skilled in grooming and training dogs for the show ring. We ensure that the dog’s coat is well-maintained, nails are trimmed, and the overall appearance adheres to breed standards. Training involves teaching the dog to stand, move, and behave appropriately during judging.

Communication with Owners

We work closely with the dog’s owner or breeder to understand the dog’s background, temperament, and specific traits. Effective communication is crucial for presenting the dog in a way that highlights its strengths.

Presentation Skills

Handlers need to exhibit excellent showmanship skills. Our goal is to showcase the dog’s movement, structure, and overall conformation to emphasize its best features. This includes presenting the dog in a way that highlights its breed-specific attributes and adheres to the judge’s criteria.

Ring Etiquette

We are familiar with the rules and etiquette of dog shows. They must navigate the show ring confidently, positioning the dog in a way that allows the judge to thoroughly assess its conformation.

Fitness and Endurance

Dog shows can be physically demanding, requiring handlers to be fit and agile. They may need to jog or run with the dog during specific portions of the judging process. G Handling Solutions will ensure your dog is at its peak physique.

The plans…

Schedule for February, March and April 2024

Gregor is planning his first handling seminar in Croatia.
At this moment the arrangements are being made, the schedule of the tour will be announced shortly.

If you have a wish to see G Handling Solutions seminar in your town, do not hesitate to contact Gregor.

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